Kinda Late New York Trip and BEA Summary

June 2, 2011

Wow! I can't believe its already June and it seems weird that the trip I have been planning for months has come and gone. Talk about a whirlwind vacation! We had a blast and enjoyed every minute of being in New York!

With this being my first trip to BEA I certainly learned a lot and what changes I would make when I go again. First of all I definitely need to get there earlier! We arrived Monday afternoon but I missed a few early publisher events that I had been invited to that happened early in the morning before we got there. I will also make sure the hotel we stay at has free internet! Seriously for the amount of money I paid to stay at the Westin I couldn't believe they wanted me to pay DAILY for internet! I mean really, even the Holiday Inn has free WiFi! So due to my refusal to pay for internet...(hey I have to draw the line somewhere!) I didn't give the daily updates that I planned on. So here is a very brief summary of what I did!

As a first year attendee all I can say is WOW! When I first arrived there was quite the line...
I met some very nice people while waiting! 

I loved the steps walking up to the show...these books are super popular in my library!

I spent a lot of time in autograph lines and I always felt like the people behind me were silently sending me messages...."hurry, hurry, hurry!" In fact, that is a pretty good motto for the whole show! I did take a picture of Alexandra Bracken signing Brightly Woven because she has a whole group fans in my library who adore the book.

 I waited in plenty of lines and talked to plenty of people but next year I think I'll be a little bit more prepared. 

I know there has been quite a bit of chatter on Twitter and other blogs about the rudeness and grabiness of some BEA attendees and I have to admit I did experience this debacle here and there but not enough to ruin my entire experience!

I think what stands out the most is when I was waiting in line to get a signed copy of Passion by Lauren Kate (Fallen #3) when a lady with smaller publisher in a booth near Random House freaked out on someone for taking books off their shelves and sticking them in her bag. I stood there with my mouth literally wide open in shock as the lady righteously informed the attendee that her books were for people "in the business" not people who just wanted free stuff. Now I'm sure the lady from the publisher is a nice lady....I could tell she had just had ENOUGH!

I know that I was very careful to only pick up stuff that I knew I would read and review. I DID pick up a few adult titles from Harlequin because I got mixed up and thought it was when Rachel Vincent and Gena Showalter were signing there YA titles but I didn't feel too bad considering I'll buy those titles for the library :) Here's what I picked up...

Yes, I am super excited about all my great reads...there are some awesome YA AND middle grade books coming out soon!

Now here are some picks of some of the stuff I saw and did in NYC!!!

Carmines has the BEST stuffed mushrooms EVER!
All I can say is.......AWESOMENESS!!!


-k said...

BEA was so amazing, wasn't it? I can't wait for next year.
Great books, by the way. I'm a little jealous that you were able to snag a copy of Lauren Kate's Passion. And that you were able to go se Wicked!
Tough luck on the free wifi, but at least you were able to stay in Manhattan - I was in Queens with family and had quite the commute.
Have fun reading all your amazing BEA books!

Man of la Book said...

Great report, glad you had a good time.

That's a lot of books :)