X Isle by Steve Augarde

Thursday March 17, 2011

X Isle 
by Steve Augarde
Random House
July 2010
Goodreads summary: Ever since the floods came and washed the world away, survivors have been desperate to win a place on X Isle, the island where life is rumoured to be easier than on what's left of the mainland. Only young boys are in with a chance. Baz and Ray are two of the lucky few to be chosen, but they soon discover that X-Isle is a far cry from paradise.

Pontifications...Baz is at the docks hoping to be chosen to go to X Isle, where there is work and food. In Baz's world, the earth has been flooded and only small pockets of people remain. His home town is provided basics of food by trading with the ship the Cormorant. The crew of the ship dives to supermarkets that are now under water to bring up canned foods and other items of value to trade. 

Baz and another boy, Ray, have been selected for what they believe will be a better life. Once they arrive at X Isle, they quickly find that the rumors about their great new life are exactly that, rumors. There is only one meal a day, if you can call one can of food a  meal, and the work day is hard and long. They meet the other handful of worker boys, two older boys who are supervisors and the other men on the island. They soon learn that being on X Isle has deadly consequences and the boys must devise a plan to escape. 

With the popularity of The Hunger Games series any Dystopian type reads have become a huge hit in my library. X Isle is a great adventure read for both middle school and high school students and definitely has a Water World feel to it! Readers will be anxious for a sequel :)