Tween Tuesdays (13)

Tuesday August 24, 2010

Tween Tuesdays is a meme I first saw at Green Bean Teen Queen and really liked because she is also a librarian who deals with teens and tweens. So, since most of my blog is devoted to YA and teen books I figured that on Tuesdays I can do posts for all the tweeners out there!

I've received quite a few tweener books this summer and I want to at least feature these newer releases because it might be a little bit before I can actually review them. I've added a few comments from "professional" reviewers from sources such as Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal because those are important resources for me when I'm buying books for my library. So enjoy!

The Ring of Five
by Eoin McNamee
Wendy Lamb Books
Ages 10 and up
Goodreads Summary: Here's the first book in a brilliant new trilogy by the author of The Navigator. The Ring of Five, set at a school for spies, is full of surprises as well as fascinating questions about loyalty, destiny, and what it means to be a spy.

Danny Caulfield doesn't know how he ended up at a mysterious academy called Wilsons. A few of the students are pretty scary. Someone tries to murder him. Even the ravens that haunt the school seem to be against him. Yet he also finds friends: Les, an exceptional thief; Dixie, who has an unsettling talent; and Vandra, a physick with special powers.

It turns out that Danny is destined for a terrifying mission. As he embarks on his training, he is shocked and secretly thrilled to discover that he seems to have all the natural gifts of the perfect spy—most importantly, the ability to betray.

Eoin McNamee's background as an author of adult thrillers informs this exhilarating, atmospheric adventure.

Booklist says..."Like the Harry Potter books, the secondary characters add immensely to the richness of the narrative, and there’s plenty of action...The book finishes with a cliff-hanger that will leave kids eager for the next title in this trilogy pitting one boy against a heavenly host."

Thomas and the Dragon Queen
by Shutta Crum
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Ages 7-12
Goodreads Summary: A kingdom is at war...

A princess has been kidnapped by a dragon queen.
A brave squire volunteers to set out on a quest to rescue her.
But there's just one small problem. He's Thomas, the shortest of all the squires. With little more than a donkey, a vest, and a sword, Thomas will have to use all of his courage and determination to battle a beast with many heads, reach a forbidden island, and rescue the princess from a most fearsome dragon-and an even more fearsome fate!
Part thrilling adventure and part enchanting fantasy, sprinkled with charming black-and-white illustrations, Thomas and the Dragon Queen will delight young readers from start to finish.

School Library Journal says..."What sets this story apart from other knightly tales are the unusual size of the hero, the tools-or lack of tools-he has for fighting evil, and the delightful events awaiting him once he finds the princess. Expressive illustrations, many of them spreads, accompany each chapter. Memorable characters enrich the realm by giving purpose to the hero's ordeal. This is a must-read."


Jill of The O.W.L. said...

The Ring of Five looks good. I saw that one a bit back. Thanks for sharing these.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Thanks for posting-I haven't seen either around and I'm glad to have them on my radar!:)