Craft Book Review - Beautiful Button Jewelry by Susan Davis

Wednesday June 23, 2010

Beautiful Button Jewelry
by Susan Davis
Available now
Sterling Publishing
Goodreads Summary: Susan Davis shows crafters how to create wonderful vintage-style buttons and turn them into attractive jewelry. The sophisticated and elegant projects are carved and stenciled, and made of such materials as metal, jet glass, pearl, bakelite, and celluloid...and every one is gorgeous. Davis presents them in historical order, and provides a little history and anecdotal description of each style.

Review: Buttons are one of those little crafty items that I truly cannot resist buying anytime I stop by a garage sale or estate sale...especially if they are old and unique!

Okay, so buttons you find on most of your clothes are nothing special...but old buttons can be really cool (not the greatest descriptive word but you get the idea!) There are people out there who actually have million dollar button collections....seriously!

The book starts off with a history of buttons with some pretty interesting facts! For example, did you know France's King Louis XIV spent $6 million  on buttons during his reign! That my friends, is a lot of friggin' buttons :)

In the "Getting Started" section there is a very detailed materials and supplies sections with tons of great pictures. There is also a techniques page with a very basic amount of instruction on crimping, wire-wrapping and making loops and eyes.

Chapters 2-7 take a look at specific kind of buttons in each chapter and have projects to go along with each type. Metal buttons, glass buttons, Bakelite, Mother-of-Pearl plus many more there are all types of projects for all types of buttons. Everything from earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches to funky little craft projects. If you love buttons you'll definitely find projects and inspirations in this book!
I'd like to mention that if you are a beginner you may want to have the basics down before starting these projects. Although there are great pictures of the project results, the instructions for completing them are step-by-step in writing but not with pictures. If you are comfortable with the basics you will have no problem finishing any of these beaded button beauties!