Book Review - Shadow Mirror

Friday March 5, 2010

Shadow Mirror
Walk of the Spirits #2
by Richie Tankersley Cusick
March 18, 2010

Unsettling. There’s no better word to describe Miranda Barnes’s ability to hear the cries of the dead, feel the wind move her hair when they run by, and—dare she look into a mirror—see the reflection of a ghostly woman behind her. 

There’s only one person to turn to for support: Etienne. As sexy as he is mysterious, Miranda can’t help but be drawn to him. He believes her; he wants to help her. But there’s a secret in Etienne’s past, something Miranda’s on the verge of discovering. As paranormal activity escalates, passion grows, and soon Miranda is caught up in both love . . . and tragedy.


This book is a follow up to Walk of the Spirits in what I'm assuming is at the very least a trilogy because the ending in this one definitely leaves the door open for a lot more when Miranda learns a deep dark secret  that could change the lives of everyone around her.

I didn't read the first book but the author does a great job of dropping tidbits of information here and there about the back story to get you up to speed. I enjoyed this book enough that I will probably go back and read the first too :)

Miranda's "gift" of seeing ghosts was passed down to her from a grandfather she barely knew. When her Mom gets a job helping to restore a local plantation, Belle Chandelle, Miranda is drawn to it and its ghostly past. When she hears ghostly cries for help from children in the attic she knows she has to find out more.

Meanwhile, Miranda is also torn between Gage and Etienne...she has feelings for both of them but is having a hard time figuring out how they feel about her. She is also seems to be caught in the middle of spat between her friends Ashely and Parker when a guy that Ashely is tutoring asks Ashely out on date. Parker and Ashely are both Miranda's friends so what happens if Ashely's feelings about Parker are changing and she chooses somebody else?

Not to mention the fact that Miranda has a sneaking suspicion that despite all Parker's complaining about her "gift" and how creepy it is, he may have some secrets of his own.

I really enjoyed this mystery/ghost story/romance read and I loved the southern setting. If you didn't know I'm a sucker for ghost stories set in the south ya'll :) After reading this book I was definitely interested in reading some of the authors other stuff so I went to her website and I found a lot of great sounding books!

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fredamans said...

This looks like a book I would really enjoy! Great review!

Amber Skye said...

Oooh this looks pretty good. Thanks for the review!