Book Review - Possessed by Kate Cann

Wednesday March 31, 2010

by Kate Cann
February 1, 2010
Point (Scholastic)
Rayne wants a complete break from her old life, from her possessive boyfriend and the claustrophobia of inner-city London. She lands a live-in job in the wildness of the country, at an ancient manor house called Morton’s Keep, where life is exhilarating, but terrifying too. There’s something sinister going on at the Keep – something to do with its history – but no one will talk to her about it. No one except her new group of friends, that is. They’re alluring and seductive …especially the group leader, the elegant St John.

Who can she trust to tell her the truth? She can sense something evil growing – but from where, from who? And how can she keep herself safe from it?

If you think you would enjoy a creepy thriller with sinister characters set in a menacing English Manor with a horrific past...then this is a book for you!

Rayne knows there is something sinister about Morton's Keep but she can't quite put her finger on it. Sudden bouts of terror leave her paralyzed in fear but beauty and the freedom she feels in the surrounding forests keep her from going home. There is also the beautiful and mysterious St John whose kisses leave her wanting more. 

St John and his friends seem so elegant and sophisticated that Rayne can't help but be drawn into their circle. Despite her overwhelming sense that there is something weird and secretive between them, her desire to fit in pushes those thoughts away. Everyone seems to be warning her to stay away including Ethan, who belongs to a secretive group who claims to be watching and protecting the Manor. 
Oh, and there is also the mysterious Green Lady who Rayne seems to see in the weirdest places......

Wonderfully creepy and unpredictable you won't want to put it down. The ending is a conclusive whopper but leaves things wide open for a second book. Already published in the UK as Fire and Rayne I certainly hope it will be released here in the US too!

Visit the authors website to read about both books HERE

Creepy content and the description of the manor's grisly and gory past make this book best suited for ages 14 and up.

Junior Library Guild High Interest High School Level pick for April

Review copy provided by publisher and donated to school library 


Shelley said...

In my book, anything that warns young women against "possessive boyfriends" has something to recommend it.

On a lighter note, today is the first day of National Poetry Month! Enjoy....