Book Review - My Boyfriends' Dogs by Dandi Daley Mackall

Wednesday March 17, 2010

My Boyfriends' Dogs
by Dandi Daley Mackall
February 4, 2010
True love is like a good dog—it comes when you need it the most. Bailey Daley might not have found true love just yet, but it’'s not for lack of trying. 

She has a string of ex-boyfriends—and their dogs—to prove it. Bailey’s been raised to believe in true lasting love—and to wait for it. Along her path to love—and three boyfriends later—Bailey discovers that the things she was taught to believe are the things she really believes, too...

It’s worth waiting for that one true love, the guy has got to believe in God, and he’s got to love her for who she is.


This is one of those super sweet and lovely books that rise above all the corny, overly fluffed, cliched books about first love and waiting for the "right" guy. I picked up this book and read it in one sitting because I fell in love with this story and its heroine Bailey Daley (thats right, Bailey Daley).

We follow Bailey as she falls in love for the first, second and third time...and in the process acquires three dogs...Adam, Eve and Shirley.

The story opens with Bailey arriving soaking wet in a prom dress, with three dogs to a cafe in St. Louis where she preceds to tell her story to Louie, the owner of the cafe, Rune, the grouchy cook and Colt, a college kid who regularly hangs out there. The author does this very cool thing that helps you get to know each of these characters too...

With each story readers will watch Bailey on her path to true love and finding her Madagascar Day Gecko (you'll see when you read the book :) With the help of her spiritual, patient and garage-sale-loving mom and her best friend Amber, Bailey navigates her way through the complicated path of teenage love.

Oh, and the dogs, I have to mention the dogs! Bailey is the kind of girl that dogs love. The funny thing is that MY mom used to say that to me "Darcy, if there is a stray dog within in 20 miles of this house they seem to always find you." So, I really connected to that part of the story! The dogs that Bailey acquire are a key and very cute part of her story.

A beautiful, insightful and inspiring story that kept me smiling long after I finished the book. I recommend this book to girls 12 to 85....basically anyone who has experienced or can't wait to experience the flutter of first love. I also really enjoyed the overall of theme of God's plan, and waiting to have sex. The book is NOT at all preachy about this topic and the author is very subtle at just throwing it out there. Trust me, I'm a middle school teacher and a mother of three teens so I know the reality of the temptation for these kids and this book is very realistic which makes it just that much better!

Review book provided by author and donated to school library.


brizmus said...

What an absolutely interesting premise for a book! Super cool! Acquiring dogs through ex-boyfriends. I wish I could acquire a boyfriend that likes dogs.
I definitely want to read this book!

Maria the Bookworm said...

This looks interesting! I've never heard of it before but I'll definitely read it now after your great review :)