Book Review - Good Girl's Guide to Getting Kidnapped

Thursday February 25, 2010

The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Kidnapped
by Yxta Maya Murray
January 7, 2010
Penguin Group
Kiki and Mish are best friends, but what Kiki doesn’t know is that Michelle Pena was born a gang princess. “Princess P” grew up destined to inherit leadership of the Snakes: a future filled with crime and fear.
Michelle, on the other hand, is a nationally ranked athlete and academic superstar. This is her new life, and she’s finally put her past—and her childhood love for Silver—to rest.

Then Silver helps kidnap both girls, and Michelle has to figure out how to free them both—and reconnect with a future that might now be beyond her reach.

Your average fifteen-year-old has enough to deal with, especially when it comes to making good decisions. Can you imagine trying to be one type of person: star athlete, brilliant student, loving daughter and gracious friend...all the while begrudging her roots: family and friends she left far behind on the rough streets of Montebello, California. 

When Michelle comes face to face with her past she has to make a decision...fix the mistakes made by her brother and mother or rebuff any insinuated obligations and do whats best for her future as a star athlete at an Ivy league prep school with her best friend Kiki.

But as Michelle (AKA Princess P) finds out, like most things in life, her decision won't be that easy and whatever she chooses will ultimately affect not only her but the people she loves. Should she follow the path of the mother (the gangs queen, Reina, who is in prison) who claims to love her, but always keeps her at arms length or stay with her foster pop Frank who Michelle knows loves her despite his claims foster-father insanity.

Her ultimate deciding factor may be Silver, a gang member and the love of her life that she left behind when she went into foster care. He's one of the boys who kidnap her and Kiki...will he ever get over his anger and feelings of abandonment?

I enjoyed this well written urban street lit but was a little unnerved by the ending...I won't give anything away but I'm wondering if there will be a sequel?

Kids who like to read about urban teens, gang life and all that it entails will enjoy this face paced story. There is a lot of street slang and some mature language so the book is best suited for 8th grade and up.

Review copy sent by author and donated to school library. 



Nice review, I have this book on my shelf, hopefully I read it soon :P

Suzanne said...

This sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing a great review! And I love the cover!