Book Review - What I Wore to Save the World

Tuesday January 5, 2010

What I Wore to Save the World
by Maryrose Wood
Release date December 1, 2009
by Berkley Trade

Third in the fabulous series that started with Why I Let My Hair Grow Out

it's not just the end of high school...

Senior year's coming up fast and Morgan still has no clue about college, or a career-the whole rest of-her-life thing is basically a blank. Maybe it's because she spent her junior year obsessing about Colin, the hot Irish guy she fell for last summer (that was right around the same time she discovered she's a half- goddess from the days of Irish lore... you had to be there). She even saved Colin from a nasty enchantment, but he doesn't know that. Colin doesn't believe in magic, not even a little.'s the end of the world

But then a mysterious message reunites her with Colin, who turns out to be caught up in the biggest faery-made disaster ever. We're talking the end of reality-not just reality TV. To save the world, she's going to have to tell Colin the truth about her half-goddess mojo. But if he doesn't believe in magic, how will he ever believe in her?

This series is just one of those that is always fun to read. The third book in the series has a little bit of a different vibe to it, I can't pinpoint it but it just felt a little different (make sense?) But anyway, just as good!

My favorite is still the first book so if you haven't started the series be sure and start with Why I Let My Hair Grow Out where you first meet Morgan and really get to know her!

There are more secrets revealed about Morgan and her half-goddess self in this installment so you won't want to miss it! Morgan has kept her mortal and fairy worlds seperate until now...but with evil queen Titania's new diabolical scheme things are getting tricky!

The girls at my middle school love this series and the books are usually on hold and rarely on the shelf! I think the series would also do well in a high school library :o)

Visit the author's website to find out more about this series and a new series she has coming out in 2010!


GMR said...

Well if the title was intriguing enough, the story certainly sounds like fun! Enjoyed the review! I've added the first book to my wish list (well, you have to start at the beginning now, don't you?)!

Arya said...

I'm going to HAVE to read those!

Great review =)

ck.twilighter said...

The title is so clever and creative!! When I read it I giggled. It reminds me of the movie title :"why I wore lipstick to my vasectomoy" a LMN title.

And... hey, I'm 24 and if that sounds interesting to me I think the HS shelves would love it too!!

brizmus said...

These books really sound amazing! It's unfortunate that they don't get better, but this one still sounds super cool.
Even to 27 year old me.

alterlisa said...

Though hardly a YA, this is a series I'm looking forward to reading.

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