Waiting on Wednesday (14)

Wednesday December 09, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday...books I can't wait to read hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine

The Wager
by Donna Jo Napoli
Available April 2010
Henry Holt

Don Giovanni is no beggar. A few months ago he was the wealthiest and handsomest young man in Messina, until a tidal wave washed away everything he owned. Though he’s now homeless and poor, he still has his pride—and his good looks. Yet winter is coming, and Don Giovanni has nowhere to go, nothing to eat.

When a well-dressed stranger offers him a magical purse in exchange for a simple-sounding wager, Don Giovanni knows he shouldn’t take it. Only the devil would offer a deal like this, and only a fool would accept. But Don Giovanni is desperate. Against his better judgment he enters into a deal with the devil: he will not change his clothes or bathe for 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days.

Beauty is a small price to pay for worldly wealth, isn’t it? Unless Don Giovanni loses the wager—and with it his soul.

Set against the stunning backdrop of ancient Sicily, this is a tale of beauty, pride, and above all else hope, a tale that only the masterful Donna Jo Napoli could tell.

Sounds good huh! Plus Donna Jo Napoli is an awesome writer! I have quite a few of her books here in the library....check out all her books at... www.donnajonapoli.com


Lorin said...

Oh, that sounds good. I don't think I'd take the wager - I love showering!

PS: somehow, I accidentally clicked on one of your old WoW's thinking it was this week's. Oops.

ann marie said...

That does sound really good. Another book to add to my list, thanks for the heads up. Have a great week :)

A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Nice! Another Napoli take on a fairy tale. I'll bite.