Contest Winner for Nancy Holder Prize Pack!

Thursday October 29, 2009

This took me awhile because I had to count out all the took me FOREVER!
I've even include a couple of pics to show I was super fair! So many people were excited about this contest that I wanted to make sure I was as fair as possible! So here goes, the winner is....


Thank you soooooo sooooo much to everyone who entered!

Here is a pic of all the entries I printed out and numbered:

And a pic of the Random.Org

Nancy has been kind enough to offer this prize pack on other blogs so go and enter again!

In Bed With Books

Sharon Loves Books and Cats
YA Book Queen
Book Obsession

Let me know if you find anymore and I'll add it here. Thanks again everyone I so appreciate all my blog followers and I'm going to try extra hard to offer more great contests like this!


A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Pretty sure I see some blood, sweat, and tears on those printouts! That's alot of work. Congrats to Elnice!

celi.a said...

Congrats, Elnice! By the way, those printouts look very like my own... :) But mine have more cross-outs and frustration tear splotches. Yay for contests!

hmsgofita said...

Congrats, Elnice! So jealous! I hope you enjoy them and thanks for the wonderful contest!

Mr. Maurer said...

I've given you an award. It will be posted on Friday, November 6th

Aaron @ Coffee For The Brain