Book Review - The Dying Breath by Alane Ferguson

Monday October 26, 2009

The Dying Breath:
A Forensic Mystery Book 4
by Alane Ferguson
Available Now
Cameryn’s ex-boyfriend is back . . . and ready to kill!

Cameryn had thought she was in love with him. He was smart, strong, and would do anything for her—even kill. Kyle O’Neil disappeared after his first attempt on Cameryn’s life at the end of The Angel of Death. Now he is back for his second.

He’s leaving macabre love notes for her everywhere—on her computer, on her cell phone, and on the body of a dead man. And while everyone is determined to keep Cameryn safe, only she knows that it’s up to her to keep Kyle from killing again—and again. Alane Ferguson delivers her most gripping Forensic Mystery yet!

These books have been so popular here in the library that I was anxious to review this book to see what all the hub-bub is about. Well I was really impressed. Which doesn't surprise me because believe it or not you guys....teens and tweens are fairly discerning readers!

My only disappointment is that I wish I would have read the first three books (which I will now) because although the author does an excellent job of giving you most of the back story, I have a feeling I would have been a lot more emotionally invested in the characters if I'd read the previous books in the series.

These are ultimate books for teens and reluctant readers! They are fast paced and easy reads. Cameryn is an original and trailblazing lead character. I love that she is a total science geek and forensics protege! If you know a teen who is a CSI fan then you have found a series for them!

In addition to the forensics and CSI factor there is also the boyfriend and crush factor. Cameryn may be a brilliant forensics student but she is still in high school and all the normal teen angst factors still apply.

This is an excellent series that would do well in any middle school and high school library. Heck, adults will enjoy them too!

Forensic gore factor make this series best suited for 7th grade and up.

The first 3 books in A Forensic Mystery Series:

Book 1: The Christopher Killer

Book 2: The Angel of Death

Book 3: The Circle of Blood

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choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Great Review! I'll have to check this series out :D