Book Promotion Policy

As a middle school librarian I have been reading and promoting books since 2005.  I prefer to read and promote the following genres: Fantasy, paranormal romance, Mystery, Horror, Coming of Age, etc.

I also like to promote the occasional craft book. I dabble in everything from jewelry making, glass bead making, sewing, fiber arts and painting.

I love being able to tell kids, teachers and other librarians about new, exciting upcoming books in addition to posting my thoughts about the books on my blog.

I also send out all monthly newsletters to 30+ librarians in the Southwest Washington area per an email listserv.

Example response from a librarian I send newsletters to:

Thanks for sending this out! They look great. I will buy most or all them for my students.

Thanks again,

Kate Burton, NBCTeacher-Librarian
Fort Vancouver High School

I will also be featuring reviews by student readers, so if you prefer a review done by a teen reader that can be done too!

In my experience contests featuring signed books, bookmarks, posters etc. have been very popular and successful in publicizing new books and having them featured on my blog is always fun for me and my readers!

I have a pretty good system for my book promotions that seems to be working so far. I usually post a commentary for a book in the week prior to its release and I'll also tweet about the post a few times that day on Twitter.

Also: If I do not feel like I can promote the book in good conscience (seriously, this has only happened once) I simply won't post any info about it. I have my reasons and I've blogged about here.

So keep me in mind when looking for new book promoters.
Please contact me at


for my shipping address.

Thank you!

Darcy Wishard
Huntington Middle School
Kelso, WA


Xunaira J said...

Hey There,
I was looking for author promotions. My new book, Love, Life and Everything Else, is scheduled for release on the 17th of October 2013. It would please me a lot if you would host it on your blog.
My contact is xunairaj[at]live[dot]com